My personal loss

Almost one and a half year ago , I lost someone who is very dear to my heart and soul. Life is not same after that tragic incident. All my thoughts were concentrated on that loss. I have asked myself a number of times, ” Did I deserve this?” There is no answer to this question.

Sudden loss of any kind often becomes a traumatic experience. It can give you sleepless nights, anxiety and many health related problems. You can eventually draw yourself into a state where you may lose interest in life and whatever is happening around you. Those were the most scariest moments of my life when I started to feel the same.

Most people say time is a great healer. That may be true in most cases but personally I feel that loss of a loved one creates a permanent scar on your soul. To do justice for the memory of your loved one , do some good deeds in this life so that he or she may be proud of you.


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  1. I like that outlook. It’s like paying it forward. Do something good in that memory. Many blessings and peace to you in your time of grief.

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