A life short lived

Yeah ! I just turned 19 when I died instantly in a car crash. My seventeen years old friend tried to hang on to life for few days  but could not make it either.My story got covered in local newspapers .Different advocacy groups grabbed links to this tragic news  for their websites and got pumped new life into their respective causes by drawing discussion and comments. Relatives and friends thronged my house to give support and pay condolences.

Now ! being on this other side of world  I worry about my family.This accident has cost not only two young lives but an irreparable loss  to loved ones.It has indeed!!

Seriously !do you think that all the blame should be put on my shoulders because a male teenager was  involved in reckless or impaired driving. May be our society as a whole should start sharing some responsibility of this tragedy.

My story :I had to make two ends meet for my family doing odd jobs and trying to cope with studies at school too. As new immigrants my parents were still struggling with new culture , language proficiency and job search. I became man of the house and start taking more share of responsibility than I should be. There always has to be some outlet for young generations when stress almost start to become a burden. I shared my dreams , thoughts with my friends. I made lot of friends . Pleasing friends and spending time was the only time which would make my days. In this short lived life I tried to be a good son , brother , friend and student.

Indeed! my life was  short lived and I had the utmost desire to do so much for family and friends!!


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Professionally teacher, interested in many topics, loves to write and read.

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