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On Changing season


At last! bitter cold winter is giving way to warmer temperatures.  When it snows first time after a gap ,it  adds to scenic beauty not only around you but touches a part  your soul too. You love to welcome floating flakes of snow   in air , white dust settling  on roof tops, and a warm cup of hot coffee in your hand  on a cool November evening. Looking through  window you would probably smile to yourself while relishing the sight of snow coming down .

As time progresses winter start lashing out by piling up mountains of snows around side walks and  blowing bone chilling howling winds frequently. Weather becomes a big story on every news channel and you start praying for change. You yearn for sunshine , evening walks around parks , outdoor picnics and beautifully cloured  growing  tulips in your backyard.

Change is an important phase of our life. Whether it is for good or  worse it breaks monotomy in our life. Nature also likes variety . Look around you !! You will be able to see variation in so many things, species,people, cultures, thoughts  and emotions. Accepting  change and coping with it is the essence of our personal growth.